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Assistance For Train Passengers With Disabilities

Passenger Assist

The Passenger Assist system is a service that must be provided by law which offers assistance with travel on the British Rail network for those with a disability, temporary impairment or old age.

Stations Made Easy

Stations Made Easy (SME) is an on-line service which provides customers with information about station accessibility for stations across the entire Great Britain heavy rail network. This information is displayed on National Rail Enquiries website under the ‘Stations and On Train’ section. This shows a floor plan of every railway station in the country and when the cursor is hovered over a certain point, a photograph of that feature is highlighted, allowing customers to see the station before they are physically there. Customers may search station by station to access this feature. Please note not all details are up to date.

Below is the link to Stations Made Easy and a short video on how to use it: