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Human Factors are the behavioural and physiological elements that affect human performance in general and in particular with regard to Threat and Error Management. The elimination, trapping and mitigation of avoidable error, resultant harm and associated cost is the primary aim.

The realisation that Human Factors play a crucial part in patient safety outcome is rapidly becoming apparent amongst medical educationists across the World. The focus on training healthcare teams has risen to the fore in recent times. The Atrainability team has been at the vanguard of developing Human Factors across the Healthcare spectrum since 2002 after many years’ experience in Commercial and Military Aviation and now Elite Sports. Atrainability has unparalleled experience in introducing and sustaining effective team-working procedures. Understanding of the error traps inherent in standard protocols and using skills to avoid them is crucial to maintaining patient safety. These skills will be professional, calm and assertive with a focus on maintaining mature discussion and avoiding inappropriate behaviour.

Currently in 2014 Atrainability are providing training across the spectrum of healthcare and are the prefered provider of Human Factors training for a multitude of NHS Trusts, Heath Education England Deaneries and Private providers. They are frequently invited to speak at major conferences internationally.

Atrainability have a cadre of trainers who specialise in developing an understanding of the human condition to examine and, where appropriate, develop procedures and processes that enhance safe team working by design, not by good fortune.

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