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Learning Disability Team

Learning Disability Team

If you have learning disabilities and are coming into the Royal Liverpool or Broadgreen Hospital as an emergency or pre-planned admission or as an outpatient, the Learning Disability Team are happy to help or support you with your requirements.

We aim to facilitate:

  • Support the individual, their family or carers.
  • Liaise with others to make ‘reasonable adjustments’ to enhance the care provided.
  • Assist with complex issues.
  • Be involved in hospital discharges.
  • Be part of multi-disciplinary team working.

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Abdominal aortic aneurysm (AAA) is a common pathology which can result in rupture and high related mortality. It remains an important cause of death in developed countries.

The pathophysiologic mechanisms governing AAA progression in humans is not fully understood...

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CPH Logo

Centre For Public Health

CPH is part of the Faculty of Education, Health & Community at Liverpool John Moores University. We offer expertise in a range of methodologies including health research, evaluation, systematic reviews, surveillance, audit, epidemiology and statistics.

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The Walton Centre

The Walton Centre is unique - we are the only specialist hospital trust in the UK dedicated to providing comprehensive neurology, neurosurgery, spinal and pain management services.

Our mission is to provide a high quality of treatment,care and patient experience in the most appropriate place for the needs of our patients.

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Values Based Practice

The Collaborating Centre has been set up to support the development of values-based practice through shared learning. Based at St Catherine’s College in Oxford the Centre brings together a wide range of individuals and organisations working on different aspects of values-based practice around the world. Visit Website



Human Factors are the behavioural and physiological elements that affect human performance in general and in particular with regard to Threat and Error Management. The elimination, trapping and mitigation of avoidable error, resultant harm and associated cost is the primary aim.

Please client read more below to find out further information about Atrainability.

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Patient is one of the most trusted medical resources online, supplying evidence based information on a wide range of medical and health topics to patients and health professionals.

For Patients, Health Professionals, & Carers visit their website today.

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North West People In Research Forum

The North West People in Research Forum is devoted to supporting patient and public involvement (PPI) and public engagement (PE) in health and social care research in the North West.

Become a member – it’s free!receive up-to-date information about patient and public involvement and engagement events and opportunities across the North West.

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We are calling on everyone in our sector to join us in supporting the AllTrials campaign. Hundreds of thousands of patients have taken part in clinical trials which have never reported results. For every day that passes, more information is at risk of being lost forever. We have to make every clinical trial count. Join us today.

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UK Biobank is a major national health resource, and a registered charity in its own right, with the aim of improving the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of a wide range of serious and life-threatening illnesses.

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National Institute for Health and Care Excellence

The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) provides national guidance and advice to improve health and social care.

Our guidance, advice, quality standards and information services for health, public health and social care.

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Arthritis Care

If you have arthritis, Arthritis Care understands how it can affect you and your life. Whether you’ve been recently diagnosed or have been living with it for some while, we’re here with information and support.

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DisDAT stands for Disability Distress Assessment Tool. DisDAT documents the signs and behaviours of an individual so that if they have a permanent or temporary difficulty with communication, distress can be clearly identified. If an individual struggles to communicate their needs, they can find difficult or impossible...

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ReSPECT stands for Recommended Summary Plan for Emergency Care and Treatment.

The ReSPECT process creates a personalised recommendation for your clinical care in emergency situations where you are not able to make decisions or express your wishes.

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OT Magazine

OT Magazine

The OT Magazine has been launched to cater solely for occupational therapists in the UK.

The OT Magazine is the only publication in the UK that exists to bring occupational therapists all the latest products, in-depth features, the latest research and up to date information on events and exhibitions that are relevant to them.

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New Services

Due to MASIS’s continuing networking and collaboration with appropriate professional experts associated with the health and disability sectors, more new services are available. Read More