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Irwin Mitchell LLP – Everyone needs a lawyer at some time in their lives. When the time comes that you need legal support, you’ll want to be sure that you’re dealing with real experts who will work quickly and efficiently to help you. So whether you need help writing a Will, you’ve been in an accident, suffered an injury or illness that wasn’t your fault, or you’re looking at divorce options, we can offer clear guidance to get the right result for you.

Personal Injury Compensation – If you have suffered a personal injury or illness, you may find that you’ve had to make changes in your life. Our expert personal injury lawyers understand that compensation is only part of the story, and could help you to access the right rehabilitation, medical care and support you and your family may need. Each year we help thousands of people to make successful claims after an accident or illness.

You can rely on us to fight fearlessly to protect your best interests and achieve a positive outcome for you and your family. For further information please visit us at:

Protecting Your Rights – In various walks of life, you have the right to be treated fairly. If you feel that your rights are not being respected, we could help you to defend your rights and mount a legal challenge. Our experienced solicitors specialise in: social and healthcare law; education, disability law, resolving disputes and deprivation of liberty safeguards. These cases often involve challenging employers, local authorities, or even the government. This may seem daunting, but with our expert solicitors on your side you give yourself an excellent chance of success.

We have helped many clients to make successful challenges, with results ranging from financial compensation to changes in the law. For further information please visit us at:

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