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Additional Legal Services

Following recent discussions, MASIS is pleased to announce that it has established relationships with a highly respected law firm which has been providing legal services throughout the North West of England for many years to private as well as business clients.

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Irwin Mitchell

Everyone needs a lawyer at some time in their lives. When the time comes that you need legal support, you’ll want to be sure that you’re dealing with real experts who will work quickly and efficiently to help you.

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Disability Hate Crime

The Code for Crown Prosecutors governs how they make decisions about the prosecution of crime, including hate crime, and their Core Quality Standards provide a set of performance standards for all aspects of our work, including prosecutions.

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Disability Law Service

Disability Law Service

Disability Law Service was established in 1975 to ensure that disabled people have access to their rights and justice. Our service provides vital, free legal advice to those with disabilities and their carers.

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New Services

Due to MASIS’s continuing networking and collaboration with appropriate professional experts associated with the health and disability sectors, more new services are available. Read More