London Underground Survey - Masis

Study: Customer/ Staff Assistance on London Undeground Services
Researchers: William Chaumeton, Maria Michaelidou, Mingming Ge, Yazhou Jua, Yimei Liu

As part of a collaborative study between Loughborough University MA students and Transport for London, we are conducting research into the experiences of different customers who use/ have used London Underground services. The aim is to improve access to out of sight staff and better connect customers with information and assistance when it is required.
As part of our study, we are investigating the experiences of disabled people on underground services. We have created a short survey to gather some broad insights into problems that users face and suggestions for improvement.

The research will become part of the research for our User Experience (UX) Masters group project. The more information you can provide us with the better but any insights will be much appreciated and will help us develop the best solution possible.

Further information can be found on the Survey which should take no longer than 5 minutes to complete.

Please use the following link to take part in our survey:

Many thanks!