MASIS & Naidex - Masis

The concept of Mobility and Support Information Services (MASIS) was first considered over eight years ago. However, since MASIS was successful in gaining both registered charity and community interest company accreditations, the concept has become a reality!

The principle aims and objectives of MASIS are to strive towards creating more socially inclusive and equal opportunities for disabled people and individuals with long-term health conditions. This is conducted by addressing methods to help boost self-esteem and well-being, enabling them to play as active roles in society as possible. Through numerous links with established charities as well as government departments and organisations, MASIS knows the people who can provide expert disability information and support.

To enable the charity to achieve these objectives MASIS encourages and welcomes contacts from other charities and organisations (particularly commercial companies associated with the healthcare sector, irrespective whether they are trading within the UK only or internationally). MASIS is introducing an increasing range of services to enable disabled people to lead as independent and equal as possible lifestyles which non-disabled individuals may take for granted.

Therefore MASIS will be exhibiting throughout the two days at Naidex next year in order to connect with potential collaborators. Founder Peter Lyne will also be appearing as a speaker at the event, where he will identify and promote ways to improve lifestyles of disabled people by considering the ‘social model’ rather than the ‘medical model’. Peter has a strong belief in the power of networking, and therefore welcomes all enquires at Naidex.

If you think that you could collaborate with MASIS, or if you would like to find out more information and connect with Peter at Naidex, please complete the online contact form available on the MASIS homepage.

For more information, and to register for FREE tickets to attend Naidex, visit