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New Services

Due to MASIS’s continuing networking and collaboration with appropriate professional experts associated with the health and disability sectors, more new services are available.

Please be advised that these are chargeable services and fees are quoted on an individual basis.

Disability Services For Businesses, Private And Public Premises

  1. Access auditing and statements.
  2. Disability Public Relations and Media Relations services.
  3. Disability mediation and arbitration.
  4. Disability awareness training.
  5. Access and egress services through the use of mobile phone and assistive technology.

These services can be provided nationally and certain internationally located businesses and service providers are already making use of them.

Interior Design Services

Health focused inclusive design services are also now available. These will enable people of all ages to manage major and minor health conditions within their home and workplace environments.

All design work is undertaken by a qualified interior designer who has also gained extensive work experience as an Occupational Therapist within the NHS and private healthcare sectors. These skills enable risk assessments to be undertaken on furniture purchased from ‘high street’ retailers as well as on bespoke furniture and fittings ensuring safe use. Wherever possible these are used in preference to disability specific equipment.

The services provided will be of particular relevance to Occupational Therapists, medical professionals, charities, personal injury solicitors, architects, equipment providers and manufacturers.

From home makeovers to major building projects we believe we can be of assistance.

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