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Living with limited mobility, or caring for someone with a disability, comes with a number of unforeseen hazards that you need to protect yourself against.

From covering the loss or damage to your mobility scooter, to covering yourself against an accident or injury when caring for someone, getting the right insurance policy for your needs should always be a priority.

At, we are committed to protecting people against the unforeseen and the unexpected, so that our customers can live life confidently every day.

We provide a number of affordable insurance policies to cover your needs, allowing you to live your life with the peace of mind that you’re protected against the unexpected.

We are now working in partnership with MASIS to provide competitive insurance policies for mobility scooter users and carers.

Mobility Scooter Insurance

Our mobility scooter insurance helps people with limited mobility to protect their independence, covering you against accident, theft and more with three levels of cover and the option to pay either monthly or annually. Head over to to learn more about Mobility Scooter Insurance.

Key features include:

  • Puncture repair
  • Costs for transport home
  • 24/7 Recovery assistance
  • Personal accident
  • Accidental damage
  • Fire, storm and flood
  • Theft
  • Third party liability up to £2m
  • Multiple scooter riders covered under one policy

Carers Insurance

We believe that it’s important for carers – whether you are an employed carer, an employer of carers, or self-employed – to protect yourself against the risks you face in the workplace. Our policies can be paid either monthly or annually to suit your requirements. Head over to to learn more about Carers Insurance.

Key features include:

  • Public liability
  • Cover for personal belongings at work
  • Keys & locks
  • Legal expenses
  • Permanent partial or total disablement
  • No excess on policies

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