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While serving for 13 years as Vice-President of the former registered
charity The Disabled Motorists Federation (also during which time he
was 'laying the foundations' of MASIS), Peter undertook advisory roles
on numerous central and regional government panels at Westminster, BMA
House and other venues selected by the Welsh Government.


In 2013 he also acted in an advisory capacity to Capita and the Equality and
Human Rights Commission (EHRC) and participated in charity advisory
forums at Motability's headquarters in Harlow.


During the last 7 years he has received several awards from healthcare sector organisations and publishing companies and was privileged to be invited as a guest
speaker at
NAIDEX 2019 and during NAIDEX 2018 was one of three
presenters in a forum also conducted by two of Peter's associates from
the Collaborating Centre for Values-based Practice in Health and
Social Care, St.Catherine's College, Oxford who appointed him as an
Organisational Partner of the Collaborating Centre earlier the same year.

Prior to the onset of the Coronavirus pandemic and 'lockdown' being
enforced in the UK earlier this year, Peter's advisory roles and 'lay
teaching' assignments were becoming increasingly required by three
Northwest England located universities whose academic courses included
those associated with the health, social care and nursing sectors.

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