• Up to 4 Seats

  • Manual or auto transmission

  • Lowered floor

  • Full wheelchair safety restraint systems

  • One wheelchair position

  • Can Include on Request

  • Remote control powered winch

  • 10-way infra-red control systems (on auto WAV’s)

  • Left foot accelerators (on auto WAV’s)

  • Electric/ Push button Handbrake functionality

  • Push/ Pull hand control systems + steering wheel balls (on auto WAV’s)



We are in affiliation with some of the UK's market leaders in the mobility services industry. They each provide very exciting and expert services guaranteed to meet the needs of disabled people. For any of these services, please fill in the form at the bottom of this page (letting us know the details in the 'type your message' field) and we will arrange this for you.

Helping you with your motoring requirements.

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