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Masis is very proud to present our collaboration with VBP who's centre has been set up to facilitate collaborations between individuals and organisations concerned to develop more effective ways of working with values in health and social care.

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MASIS is delighted to have received permission from NICE to display details of their recently introduced NICE- Connect facility. This will allow people to access the information they need quickly and easily.

Ready2Drive Festival of Social Sciences
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Ability Needs, Britain's essential journal on disability, contains industry information on the top products available in the mobility and disability marketplace, news from Britain's main disability groups along with Tanni's View, and industry comment and analysis from Eddie Peacock and Angus Long.


We are confident that we are producing the country's most informative, best distributed journal for the less able and their carers within special needs groups, disability groups and NHS Trusts throughout the United Kingdom in addition to being distributed to disabled people and NHS and Social Services Occupational Therapists free of charge through our extensive mobility mailing information. As well as being on sale nationally, additional copies of Ability Needs Magazine are also available at Shopmobility outlets throughout the UK. We are offering readers up to date news and information on issues that are currently affecting disabled people and groups as well as producing essential information on products and services to improve their lives.

Digital copies of Ability Needs are available at To advertise in or subscribe to Ability Needs Magazine please call 01292 287574 or email


Masis is very excited to present our new collaboration with Independent Living, who on a weekly basis, provide the latest developments of interest to health and social care professionals, family carers and disabled individuals, including new products and services, changes in legislation and so much more!


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Wheelchair Adapted Vehicles

Wholesale Adapted vehicles

Kada Coatings

When you set up a business, there is a lot to think about. One of the most important areas is health and safety. Whether you are looking for some support to remain compliant as a business or in need of advice to make your premises accessible, having a great health and safety partner can take away the stress.

​MASIS have teamed up with highly reputable health and safety partners who can support you and your business.


Blind Create


Specialist Art instruction via video link.


Imagine being guided and shown  how to paint and draw at home using video link on your  electronic  device? A new website - Blind Create  was launched in August this year,  tailored for blind and partially sighted people to be able to  discover  their potential for creating art.


The idea evolved from  teaching art to blind and partially sighted veterans for 7 years along with the 27 years being a specialist art teacher and Art Principal.  Founder and Director  David Grigor saw an opportunity that could help guide those at home and want help to focus and build their confidence with specialist art tuition. Unltd UK awarded David funding with  ''Do It ’’ Award , and Blind Create is now  welcoming  people to book sessions and enjoy creating artwork.


When going to Blind Create you can book specialist art sessions for £45 an hour,  after  which you ’ re asked  what  video link platform you prefer for the session. You can also take a survey, and find out more about Blind Artists in history and why David's sessions are so specialist.  David  has also started a blog to share all the latest developments per week including the amazing artwork made during the sessions which  are  shown free in the Grigor Gallery. Also see  David' s own work at  and please  visit and discover  Blind  Create for yourself and be part of the exciting experience.

Adaptive Clothing

MASIS has partnered with a company that specialises in the design of clothing suitable for disabled people. They create high quality adaptive and comfortable clothing for ladies and gentlemen.

​Each item has been created with a variety of physical and cognitive needs in mind. We aim to encourage self-confidence and independence with clothing.

​The clothes are stylish and most importantly, comfortable for all those wearing them.

Home Care Services

MASIS is delighted to introduce an outstanding accredited homecare company who have won multiple awards for the high quality of services they provide.


This places them within the top 4% of care companies within the UK. Although located in the south-west of England the company is experiencing growth and will soon be expanding into other areas of the UK  .

At MASIS we heavily believe in the values of inclusion, especially when it comes to equality and diversity. We believe that all individuals should have the ability and opportunity to live comfortably and happily within their own home, even if it requires some at-home support. We are delighted to recommend an outstanding accredited homecare company who have won multiple awards throughout the years for their care efforts and support, placing them within the top 4% of care companies within the country.  We would like to note that the company is witnessing growth and are located within the south-west of England, soon expanding into other regions as a result of a franchising project.


Every individual should have the opportunity to remain confident and happy within their own homes. A care company, who provides essential live-in care, home care, domiciliary care, end of life care, complex care, and respite care, constantly innovates support at home, continuously attempting to search for new avenues to best support individuals at home. As a family-run business, they are well informed on the values of care, striving to provide outstanding support for those at home.   


As strong believers in the values of placing individuals in the centre of decision making, they work with you to create a tailored care plan that moulds perfectly with your requirements, likes, dislikes, hobbies, and passions. Any change that is requested is always implemented immediately, and your care plan is consistently monitored by our compassionate teams to make sure you are as comfortable and happy as you can be within your home.  


This award-winning, family-run business strives to go the extra mile to ensure that your personalised care plan is up to date with any change you, or your loved ones, may want. As the nature of their close-knit service allows their compassionate staff to monitor your loved ones evolving requirements, they can adapt and change care plans as and when required, to ensure that you, or your loved one, receives the care they need to stay happy at home.  


Recognising the key necessity for quality and inclusive support at home, the multi-award-winning care agency continuously strives to provide the all-important support at home.  If you would like to know more about this company, please complete the contact form displayed at the bottom of this page and MASIS will reply.


After nearly two decades of providing an outstanding care service to vulnerable adults and individuals who seek quality care at home, the agency have taken the decision to franchise across the country, striving to extend it's care service to as many people as possible. With an extensive market opportunity and a growing market, the agency looks for like-minded, passionate people to join it's brand, changing the face of quality care at home with it's mission and people-led ethos at the forefront of it's vision.

Are you looking for local and national organisations or services that can help you? Visit Dewis Cymru – the place to find information about a range of well-being services in Wales. Whatever you are looking for, from a childminder to a residential care home, Dewis has the answer! You can make your own choice over which services best meet your needs.


Dewis Cymru provides a place for any local or national organisation to share information about the services they have to offer. The services listed might be provided by your local authority, the Health Board, a local or national charity or a community group, club or society (we share services with ‘Infoengine’ - a third sector directory, and with the NHS in Wales as part of the ‘Health and well-being Wales partnership). Some services may be provided free of charge, others may charge for their service. Dewis allows you to understand what services are available and allows you to choose how best to meet your needs. So whether you’re looking for childcare, something to do, help with housing needs, or help to provide care for someone, it’s likely that Dewis Cymru will have information that can help you.

Just go to You’ll then be able to search for services or browse our national information pages that have been designed to help you think about what matters to you. If you need any help, let us know using the ‘Contact Dewis’ link on the website and we’ll be happy to help you.


Here at See No Bounds we are The Gateway to Discovery. An online community centre that offers our members various opportunities.  Advertising themselves in The Hub to grow their online presence, A classroom in The School to teach and share skills, A shop in The

Marketplace to sell goods and products both manufactured and handmade and a stage on The Eventsboard to host and promote Events with a single URL for easy sharing.


With the investments of our members we aim to invest and create new opportunities for young people to develop Their Entrepreneurial ideas and help them make their mark on the world. We have a mission. To grow. With us growing so will our team and our members. The core of what we do is the community we work with. We are on a journey and we

aim to take our members our community and our young entrepreneurs with us so that we can all not only survive but to strive in a new world that needs new ambition.


As a result of Peter Lyne's association with Oxford University's collaborating centre, he is also a member of International Network for Health Workforce Education

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