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MASIS is here to help disabled people to live the better quality of life they deserve. Our services below are designed to provide you with the right support, information and connect you to our trustworthy partners.

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Equity Release

Are you looking for Equity Release to make modifications to your home or simply to enjoy financial freedom? 

For people who may have suffered a disability due to an accident or ageing, Equity Release can be a great option for you to modify your property and ensure that your quality of life and ease of access is maintained. Remember, your house is more than that, it’s your home and it should be the place you are able to live in comfort with all the comforts you need.


MASIS have partnered with reputable equity release providers and we would be delighted to help you find the right solution for your equity release needs.

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Motor Vehicle Purchase and Supply

In 2019, disabled adults in the UK made 26% fewer trips than those without a disability. But we believe that a disability doesn't have to stop you in your tracks. That's why we work with highly reputable motoring companies who can help with all your vehicle needs.

Whether you are considering the purchase or lease of a vehicle suitable for your requirements we are here to help

Cars for Sale
Working From Home

Are you a company wishing to help MASIS improve lifestyles and opportunities for disabled people? MASIS needs you! 
Please get in touch using our contact page.

Thank you.

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