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All surplus income generated from donations or from the purchase of products and services advertised on the website will be re-distributed to medical research initiatives which are helping to enhance the quality of life, self-esteem and wellbeing of disabled people and individuals affected by long-term health conditions.


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Wheelchair Adapted Vehicles

Wholesale Car Company based in Derbyshire provide a wide range of WAV’s (Wheelchair Adapted Vehicles). Their stock mainly consists of Ex-Motability vehicles or “one-owner” vehicles.

All vehicles come with a 12 months comprehensive warranty.

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Partnering with MASIS, OSV have developed a scheme to help people with disabilities or who have long-term health conditions, as well as for individuals assisting disabled people. The scheme is also suitable for those who are employed, have a private income and, in certain circumstances, for those who are on long-term benefits.

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MASIS / OSV Partnership



MASIS Sharing good practice, promoting healthier and more inclusive societies

Improving Mobility Creates More Inclusive Societies

But when MASIS talks about mobility, we are talking about removing the barriers to participation that people with impairments face. In doing this, MASIS is continuing to strive towards developing a more inclusive and equal society for disabled people and individuals with long-term health conditions.

Our aim is to provide appropriate and relevant information that addresses the barriers that disabled people and people with long term health conditions face. We also aim to ensure that people can find effective solutions to the barriers they encounter, through the provision of appropriate signposting to professional services.

As a result of the many links established with numerous charities, as well as government departments and statutory, voluntary and private organisations, we are in a strong position to cover a wide range of topics. Indeed, through our extensive network of established partnerships with experts in various fields, we are able to inform, advise and resolve issues covering a vast range of topics within various sectors including the motor trade, employment and self employment, healthcare, housing, education, travel, recreational activities and other useful resources.

If you would like to be included in the MASIS network, please contact us