Equality For Disability

The Mobility And Support Information Service

Welcome to MASIS. Our mission is to provide information and support to help disabled people to live the better quality of life they deserve.

MASIS is a registered charity that assists disabled people through adapting their home environment, purchase and supply of vehicles, adaptation of vehicles and providing Key Worker support. With better mobility and properly adapted living conditions, we believe that we can achieve inclusion and equality for disabled people in the UK.

How do we do this?

MASIS is your one-stop shop for support, advice and information regarding mobility and interior design, that enables fairer outcomes and higher living standards to disabled people.

We work with our partners and other businesses who share our values and work towards better outcomes for disabled people.


We understand what disabled people need in order to achieve inclusion and equality in society, and MASIS exists to make sure you get the information and support you need to make this happen. We take the stress away by working with you and our approved partners to deliver life-changing solutions that make mobility and the home environment work for you.


Inclusion and Equality in society is not a lofty goal, it’s our reality here at MASIS.

Home Office

Interior Design & Adaption

Looking to adapt your house to make the best space for you? We have talented interior designers to help you make your house a home.

Driver Behind Wheel

Motor Vehicle Adaption & Purchase

MASIS offers fantastic support and advice to make the supply, purchase and adaptation of your new car a breeze.


Your donations are greatly appreciated and help us to keep up the hard work we do. Find out how you can help us here.

Motor Vehicle Adaptation, Supply & Purchase

MASIS offers fantastic support and advice to make the supply, purchase and adaptation of your new car a breeze.

We work with approved partners and specialists in mobility that share our values of inclusion and equality for disabled people in society.

Being free to get about is a vital part of day-to-day living and we know that you need the right advice to get the perfect vehicle for you or your carer.

At MASIS we will put you in touch with one of our partners that we know will offer you exactly what you need to get motoring!

If you want to buy, rent or lease MASIS can help.


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Interior Design

One of the key aims for MASIS is helping disabled people adapt their homes and living arrangements to improve quality of life. There is nothing more satisfying than to see a house truly become a home - and our Interior Design service does just that.

We work with two excellent interior designers to offer not just a pragmatic and functional solution to adapting your home, style is equally important and both Robert and Elaine know exactly what it takes to make your home stylish, practical and to have that ‘Wow’ factor.


Our designers offer:

  • Ease of access designs - perfect for disabled people

  • Beautiful and inclusive designs - not clinical and uninspiring

  • Interactive technology to make everything in your home a breeze to use


Currently, three out of five of us aged 65 and over are suffering from some long term condition. This can affect our confidence and independence living at home. Impacting both the way we live and use our homes, and potentially influencing all aspects of home life.


Your home should be your happy place... A place where you can relax, by yourself or with company. It needs to be a place of comfort and ease. For many people with disabilities, these luxuries can be taken away. 

MASIS was founded for the exact purpose of giving people with disabilities the equality they deserve, and allowing them to live the lives that they truly desire! So we have teamed up with some outstanding companies who design homes to be interactive and easily accessible to people who struggle physically with their day to day lives. 


There are many elegantly designed options available providing flexibility, independence and safety for everyone. If you would love to have your very own easily accessible and specifically designed home... Then contact us and we will arrange this for you.

Modern Kitchen

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Are you a commercial or manufacturing company wishing to help MASIS improve lifestyles and opportunities for disabled people? MASIS needs you! 


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