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Please help us raise money just by doing your shopping as you normally would but through give as you live (banner above)... There is no catch and It costs you absolutely nothing.


PLEASE SHOW YOUR SUPPORT: We have launched this "aPPEal" to help supply those 'un-sung' heroes who are putting their own health at risk to help the vulnerable during this crisis, but do not have access to masks/gloves and other protective gear while doing so.


Every and any donation will be IMMENSELY appreciated and will be going 100% this campaign to help purchase PPE equipment!

Information about COVID-19 from the NHS here

Information about COVID-19 sent to us from National Voices here

Vulnerable people can get Coronavirus support and approximately 1.5 million will be sent a letter. However, if the vulnerable person can't read it, aren't I-T literate or connected, or not registered with a GP, that person may not be aware of the extra support on offer.

extremely vulnerable people should be registered on this website and you can refer them to it


Some VERY useful tips from Wonder Moms for helping your children if they have special needs:

  • How to calm a child with Autism: 

  • Create a Sensory Safe Yard for Children with Special Needs:

  • Sensory Processing Treatments:

  • Estate Planning for Parents of Kids with Autism:

  • Classroom Accommodations for Kids with Sensory Issues:

  • Moving with Special Needs Kids:

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